Watercraft Exhibit Building

While hundreds of years ago, the primary mode of travel was on foot or with assistance from a domestic animal, it was soon discovered that being able to navigate a thousand-plus lakes expanded opportunities. Following Native Amercan neighbors' examples, Euro-Americans explored wilderness waters with canoes and paddle strokes.
A NEW exhibit to share the importance of water travel is another chapter in the narrative about Gunflint Trail life and times.  
Worthwhile endeavors often reflect challenges. After riding some rough waters to bring it to reality, the  watercraft building and exhibit project turned into a labor of love.                  
The Gunflint Trail Historical Society is deeply indebted to the USDA Forest Service for assistance, the state of Minnesota Historical Society and a wonderful assemblage of Gunflint Community residents and friends who contributed financial support, exhibit components and significant elbow grease.             
The Watercraft Exhibit and Building is a tribute to all who played a role in making this addition to Chik-Wauk Campus come alive!

The Gunflint Trail Historical Society is proud to present a display of historical craft and vintage motors, each with a story to tell of days long ago. 
The Watercraft Exhibit Building showcases twelve unique and interesting watercraft, and a tower of antique outboard motors.  The exhibit is a Split Rock Studios design.  

A gift shop of locally-made items resides in the southeast corner of the building.  

Visit the Watercraft Exhibit Building soon.  Open 10 a.m to 4 p.m.  

One admission fee covers the entire Chik-Wauk campus.  

Watercraft Exhibit Building Exterior





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